CNC LatheHQT08-580U
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Product parameter
Processing capabilityMaximum Slewing DiametermmΦ500
Maximum machining diameter x lengthmm

12D turret coin Φ350x580

8D katana Φ370x567

Spindle through-hole diametermmΦ62
Maximum bar diametermmΦ52
Maximum Supported WeightKgf200
Principal axisMaximum spindle speedrpm4500
Spindle end formKSAA2-6
Spindle CS indexingdeg(360°) 0.001
Chuck Sizelnch8"(6" option)

Note: 8D comes standard with 8";

12D comes standard with 6".

FeedX-axis travelmm200
Z-axis travelmm580
X-axis shiftm/min30
Z-axis fast shiftm/min36
TurretNumber of mounted toolspcs12/8
Tool change timesec0.2
Outer diameter toolbar heightmm20x20mm


Maximum diameter of inner diameter cutter barmmΦ32/Φ40
TailstockTailstock formmmAuto hydraulic
Maximum tailstock movementmm530mm
Taper hole form of tailstock/MT4
Electrical machinerySpindle motorkw



X-axis motorkw1.5
Z-axis motorkw2.3
OthersPower source (30 minutes/continuous)KVA18/20
Cooling box capacityL150
Oil lubrication unit capacityL1.8
Machine heightmm1750