Tainuo grinding machineGFM-600
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Product parameter
X/Y/Z axis travelmm640*910*200
Distance from spindle end to table surfacemm180-380
Spindle centre to columnmm180
Working platformsmm600*500
Workbench areamm420*600
Maximum table loadkg300
Maximum spindle speedrpm/min1000-40000
Spindle power (S1/S6)kW10/11.5
Spindle torque (S1/S7)nm5.4/6.2
Rapid X/Y/Z axis displacementm/min60/60/15
X-axis linear motorsm/min0.5-5
Z-axis servo motorKW2
Positioning accuracy implementation standard/GB/T5228-2007
Positioning accuracy X-axis (with scale)mm0.008
Positioning accuracy Y-axis (with scale)mm0.006
Positioning accuracy Z-axis (with scale)mm0.005
Repeatability X-axis (with scale)mm0.005
Repeatable positioning accuracy Y-axis (with scale)mm0.004
Repeatability Z-axis (with scale)mm0.003
Total height of machinemm2400
Machine weightT6
Electricity consumption of machine toolsKW20