Vertical machining centres and gantry machining centres, what is the difference?


In the machinery and equipment industry, many machining centres have their unique characteristics, or different areas of application, or different processing methods.

As a machining centre in the more important equipment, vertical machining centre and gantry machining centre, the difference between the two you know how much?

1, the support structure is different:

Vertical machining centre refers to the spindle axis and table set up perpendicular to the machining centre, vertical x, Y axis combined together, Z axis for the up and down movement in the column, suitable for doing small precision moulds and parts processing. Larger vertical plus there are about 4 metres, according to the specific physical processing to determine the model.

Gantry machining centre refers to the spindle axis and table set up perpendicular to the machining centre, gantry Z-axis support structure is not the same, the Y-axis horizontal ride between the two columns, increasing the load of the table, processing range.

2, different uses:

Gantry machining centre is mainly suitable for processing large parts. Vertical machining centres are mainly suitable for processing plates, discs, moulds and small shells of complex parts.

In addition to these two differences, vertical machining centre features more clearly:

1, environmental protection, no pollution: the use of the process of no oil and mist spray, to protect the surrounding environment;

2, oil supply precision: can be increased through the adjustment valve, the oil according to different needs to the spindle and screw and other lubrication points;

3、Wide applicability: there is no problem of high viscosity lubricant atomisation difficulty;

4、Automatic detection and monitoring: it can detect whether the lubricant is normal or not, and if the lubrication is poor, it can alarm and stop the machine to avoid abnormal operation of the equipment.

5、Specially suitable for the rolling bearings of the spindle, it has a certain air cooling effect, which can reduce the running temperature of the bearings, thus prolonging the service life of the spindle;

6、Small oil consumption, cost saving.